A Last CaringBridge Entry from John

John wrote the entry below in mid-December. Even as he was heading to be in hospice in those last days before he died, he wanted to make sure that I knew the name of the file and that it needed to be uploaded. I decided to leave his comment regarding his failing health on the end.
I want to first take a moment to thank all of you for your support and care of us during this sacred time of grieving – flowers, cards, food, calls. texts, a beautiful service of celebration and your memorials. It has meant more than you will ever know…
Because of you, our family is surrounded in love and not alone. Because of you memorials are being sent to: the Gustavus Adolphus College endowment for church relations; to Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church for camp, radio ministry, our building project on the west campus and for support of the ongoing programs and ministries; to St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church Resource Center for critical outreach to those who are experiencing housing loss and other needs, and to the Grand Marais Harbor Park for a bench; to a brick paver of honor in Lakeview Hospital’s Healing Garden; and to TreeHouse and more. THANK YOU!!


I am convinced that great things happen slowly over time.  Like a seed planted in the ground God takes more time to make things happen then we would like.  One of my favorite stories of growth is like that.  At Mount Olivet we have a camp we all love called Cathedral of the Pines.  It is a center piece of our ministry.  When it was first purchased it was very sparse. A former camper told me that in 1951 he liked to lie in his bed and lookup at the stars through the hole in the roof.

That is what God calls us to do.  Look upwards, do anything we can to fix holes and make the world a little more like the world Christ envisioned.  Each of us can do this. It is our calling. Slowly over time amazing things happen.

If something in your life is not right, look up at God. Do what you can and entrust the rest to God.  God will not disappoint.  While we may be disappointed in God, God forgives us anyhow.  Commit to becoming a person who tries to making the world a little better, a little more loving and kind.  There is no better way to serve and live.

[I have no way to describe my health. All I can say is I am very sick and very grateful to God for this experience.  The bad days are really bad and the good days are gifts.  God sometimes does give us more than we more than we can handle. But we do not have to handle it alone.  It is true “God’s power is made perfect in our weakness”.   God is strong even when we are not.]

Together, let’s keep the faith, look upward, travel onward and fix the holes that we can.

Love you,


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