Giving Thanks – Thank You

One of the ways to live a more spiritual life is to practice gratitude. Say thank you for blessings great and small.  I even encourage you to say thank you for challenges, struggles and problems.  It is often in the midst of a challenge that God is most real.

This Thanksgiving weekend do more than eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy. Do something much more significant – commit to practicing gratitude daily.  Each day tell God and least one other person how thankful you are for them.  Do this even if your circumstances are less than perfect.  Not only is this good for them it is even better for you trust me! Take each day between now and Christmas to list something or someone you are thankful for. It will be the best Christmas list you have ever made.

As a person sitting a wheelchair because of a stroke, and living with an inoperable brain tumor I am all the more thankful to God and the people in my life than I was before the tumor. The importance of faith, family and friends has never been more significant.  Simply to be able to experience this Thanksgiving is reason enough to give God thanks – take it from a person who was not supposed to be around last thanksgiving, much less this Thanksgiving, and is not supposed to be around for very long.

On this weekend I want to wish you and yours God’s richest blessings and to say thank you for the role you have played, not only in my life but in my family’s life – THANK YOU!  Enjoy this time and, while you are at it, give God thanks.

Let’s look upward, travel onward and be not afraid.

Happy Thanksgiving to you,

Pastor John Hogenson

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