An Unseen Hand

On one of his regularly scheduled visits, the man who has increasingly become my Spiritual Director, Physical and Occupational therapist also known as my Personal Care Attendant from the Mount Olivet Home was talking to me about one of his favorite subjects – GOD!  At the time, I had just been discharged from the hospital. This wise, gentle and faithful man told me that he believed that I was still alive because God had more work for me to do and that there was an “Unseen hand” above me.  Having an extra hand available was wonderful news since I now have only one working hand.

I love the whole image of an “Unseen hand” above me. I believe that there is an unseen hand above you as well.  This is the hand of God, the one who loves you and made you. Created you in God’s image and by God’s hand. God is always with you to guide you and direct you with an “Unseen hand”. The one who created you and who helps you with this “Unseen hand” created you for a reason and a purpose – using your unique, skills and abilities whatever they may be and using them to glorify God and help make the world just a little bit better place.

Highlights of the week were that on Monday I was able to attend Mount Olivet’s Council meeting and vote on the one who will be my successor at Mount Olivet, Dr. David Lose.  Dr. Lose is a scholar with a Pastor’s heart and a great vision for the church of Jesus Christ.  We are very lucky to have him as our new Senior Pastor.  On Tuesday I had a visit from my Bishop, went biking and was able to attend the Mount Olivet Homes Annual Gala.  The night was a sellout, a lot of fun and an event that raised money for some very good causes. On Wednesday I had my monthly visit with my neighbor and oncologist. As much as I tried to geta prognosis or a time line from him his best guess was that he did not expect the tumor to return anytime soon.  We have scheduled an MRI for mid November. I also had Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Occupational therapy and adaptive yoga. On Thursday we headed up to our beloved North Shore for one last trip before the snow flies. A highlight is that a friend is helping me build a website – something that I have never had before!  Not only will I be able to share posts like this but other readings as well as videos, speaking engagements and other things to be determined.

Thank you so much!  Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement and the many ways you show you care.  Together let us keep the faith, “Look upward, travel onward and be not afraid.”

Blessings to you,

Pastor John Hogenson

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