A Quick Update…

It has been an “interesting” week at the Hogenson house. John in the hospital, my mom in a transitional care unit, our yorkie Lulu in the pet hospital, and a family member had surgery on Friday.

Some good news and bad news.

The good news (aside from the Good News in the Gospel) is that John is home today after his 10th round of pneumonia. The staff at Park Nicollet and Methodist were truly wonderful and the rooms in the ER and inpatient were great.

The bad news…Dr.’s orders – John will not be preaching in person tomorrow at St. Andrew’s Lutheran in Mahtomedi. He needs to lay low for a bit to heal up.

The good news is that he and Pastor Mike prepared a video sermon/message for tonight and tomorrow’s services at St. Andrew!s. And the he will come to St. Andrew’s at a future date to be determined.

PS. Our family member!s surgery went well Friday and Lulu is also back home recuperating.

Life is good. God is good.



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